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Brand identity

Athemaster is a data consultancy that uses the latest in open-source technology to provide clients with tailor-made solutions to their business problems. Emerging from the pandemic with a cooperate identity that has remained unchanged since their establishment eight years ago, they felt the time was right for a brand refresh. The goal was to achieve a more modern look that better spoke to their business offerings of being data-first.

The old logo takes inspiration from the owl of Athena, also known as Minerva, which is seen as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom throughout the Western world. With respect to its legacy and meaning, the approach was to create a simpler and more recognizable logomark that could be seen as an evolution of what came before. 

A cool green hue extracted from the old logo was made the primary colour, supported by the introduction of fern green and lime. This palette was put together to evoke a response that is natural, human and professional. 

Much like being a data consultant, the choice of typeface had to be smart, formal and approachable. Raleway fit the bill for its elegance and versatility. Its distinctive ligatures and terminals keeps it from getting too lost in the sea of sameness. Working well for both print and web, it equally holds it own be it for headers or body copy. 


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