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Logo design

Foundi is an online property information platform that serves as a real estate agents' handbook on all properties in the market. They were looking to expand their product line with an app for realtors, sellers and buyers. Cognizant of their existing brand, they wanted this app to have a style that stood independently from the master brand.

While their existing services are used by realtors as a resourceful database, this new addition to the product line would aim to bridge the gap between consumers and agents. Buyers would be able to find all relevant information on a listing and the agents, aiming to form Taiwan's largest agent community of over 20,000.

The first step was settling on what to call this new product. After several rounds of discussions with the client, the name '巷導' - which translates to 'Alley Guide' - was coined to represent familiarity with Taiwan's alleys and to embody the character of a local guide, lending knowledge to lead buyers to the right direction and the right listings. It was from this that development on the logo could begin.

The logo draws from the distinctive ornamental designs seen in traditional Chinese buildings, which remain a common sight in the window grilles of many urban homes. The elements within the hexagon draws from the visual of a street map - the lines and off-centered circle suggesting alleyways and a roundabout.

The warm red is not only a nod to the walls of brick and mortar that fill the streets of Taiwan, but also plays significance to the buildings that came before and those with an upgraded facade. Its an inviting shade that speaks as much to the realtor as it does to the consumer.


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