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Brand identity

Based in Taiwan, Ocard serves as a customer management system for restaurants and cafés looking to build a lasting relationship with their consumers. They came to the discussion table with a logo they were happy with, but felt everything beyond that was scattered. They sought to establish a brand voice that would be strong and consistent across their various touchpoints. 

The project began with peeling back the layers of the brand and evaluating their mission, values, and impact they wish to have on consumers. As some of the groundwork had already been laid, the team assessed the existing materials - improving upon what worked and discarding what didn't. From photography to graphic motifs, we outlined all the key areas that would give the brand its fingerprint.

The colour palette was refined with additional hues to compliment the existing style. Photography was separated into three sections - people, product, and food. These were further divided into different sub-sections categorising their use cases. An illustration style was also introduced that was simple enough to be recreated by their internal teams and could be translated across different mediums with ease.

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